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You can see your ROI in a fairly short period of time.

The patients get a lot more time and attention from our team.

It improves efficiency; everything's done by the time I leave the office.

I rediscovered the beauty of reconnecting with my patients!

Before, there wasn't enough time in the office visit to get it all done.

Now my patients get more time and attention from our team.

Every day I was walking into a fire hose of stuff coming at me...

When our team is satisfied, we work much better together.

Revenue increases once you get your practice model in place.

Short 2-minute overview video of AMA's practice transformation series

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About the AMA’s STEPS Forward™

Health care is changing rapidly. Physicians are transforming their practices into organizations that can achieve the Quadruple Aim: better patient experience, better population health and lower overall costs with improved professional satisfaction. To navigate this environment, we leveraged the findings from the AMA-RAND study, "Factors affecting physician professional satisfaction and their implications for patient care, health systems and health policy," to develop the STEPS Forward™ practice transformation series.

STEPS Forward™ offers innovative strategies that will allow physicians and their staff to thrive in the new health care environment.

In partnership with

Together, MGMA and the AMA provide practice managers and clinicians with the data, tools, education, certification, and relationships needed to ensure success in a value‑based payment environment.

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